CPTED Security Systems for Business Safety

Since the 1970s, certain experts in security have posited that security systems for business should function in very specific ways. A security system for a business needs to deter criminals, prevent crime and provide a way to respond to crime that has happened. Many security systems utilize presence to deter criminals, physical security to prevent crime and surveillance systems to provide immediate response. These elements of security are all significant, but many professionals will assure you that all you need is their helpful devices and monitoring. We’re not so easily swayed here; as a matter of fact, we believe that there’s more that you can do to really scare off the predators than just hook up motion detectors. Those experts from the 1970s actually knew what they were talking about, and business owners and city planners ever since have put their theories into practice with great success. That theory is called CPTED; it stands for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and it is one theory that you can put into practice if you want to see results for your own business.

Natural Surveillance

We begin with natural surveillance, the process of building apprehension for wrong-doers. That might sound like a strange task, but you literally just want to make people feel that they are being watched at all times. For those who have malicious intentions, this is not a friendly feeling. For those who are visiting with honest business, natural surveillance often does not even register. Make sure that all window shades are fully open during hours of business. Make sure that windows face roads so that drivers by can see in. Take care to have all areas of the business fully lit, especially if you are in charge of designing the lighting—mood lighting is less effective than quality light that eliminates hiding spots.

Access Control

file000606555432This doesn’t refer to the master key system you use or the key cards and identification badges. Here we are interested in natural access control: limiting the entrances of your business to one or two. Use thorny bushes and landscaping beneath windows and fences to discourage improper penetration of your business. Maze entrances to get to the cashier or into bathrooms are better than doors.

Territorial Reinforcement

Finally, make sure that you are utilizing territorial reinforcement. This is a matter of making sure that it is clear in your office space what is going to be considered public and private. If you don’t want people to go past a certain door, put up a sign that says so. The feeling should be an “alert and active presence in the space”. Criminals should know that you will know when they are where they don’t belong. Motion sensor lights should be over all doors protecting those entering and exiting. Posting your security system company decals in the windows will inform all who enter that your business is carefully monitored.

With the right maintenance of these layers of CPTED protection, you can deter criminals and prevent crimes from happening to you. That’s totally worth the time and money it might take to utilize CPTED in your business.