How to Devise a Home Security Business Plan

As a small in-home business owner, I understand the pressure of building a home security business plan that seems possible to maintain and control. Security systems often seem complicated and out of reach, but the truth is that the best security is devised in layers that build on top of each other to create the covering of protection. Creating the security plan that will work best for you is a matter that can definitely be supplemented by quality professional monitoring and the advice of security professionals. Planificacion security systems 174481579But where most at home business owners fall short is assuming that all they need are some alarms and cameras. The reality is that without good security habits already, a security system is often put under greater pressure than it should be. The best security of all starts with your care of your own home.


If you manage a business out of your home that requires people to come into your home, you should probably already have taken into consideration the way your landscaping presents you to the world. For your customers it needs to look professional and inviting, but for potential burglars it needs to communicate your territorial protection. Never let the grass get tall and unruly, and keep the lawn and bushes well manicured. This eliminates hiding places and tells crooks that you’re paying attention. Next, consider the plants that you use to decorate with. Thorny bushes or grass beneath windows can be incredibly effective at deterring burglars from lurking there.


Next, the most important protection you can make for yourself in your security system is your physical protection. What actually keeps crooks out of the house is not just the deterrents, it’s the locks and bars you have in place. Make sure that the front and back doors have deadbolts that lock completely shut (with the deadbolts plug extending an inch into the frame). Make sure that glass sliding doors are not only locked with the tiny latches but with a dowel or pipe placed in the track to stop them from opening. Take care that windows are all fully locking, and if you’re fond of ventilation, get double locking windows that won’t open past a certain height.

Fixtures You Must Have

As you’ve layered your landscaping and maintenance habits for security, you should also consider the most important home improvements to be the addition of motion activated floodlights for dark areas of the yard and fences around the yard. These scare away and keep thieves out. Make sure that every door has a light above it and that these bulbs are replaced immediately upon burning out. This protects you when you enter or exit your house and again eliminates hiding spaces.

Professional Security

When you’ve taken the time to create your home business security plan and layer it with good maintenance habits and security improvements, then it’s time to get professional security. Professional companies offer specific packages that contain the motion detection devices that should go in front of windows and doors, the glass break sensors and door sensors, and of course, the alarms that will sound to alert you or the neighbors if something is up. Additionally, security cameras should be installed above the doors of the home and monitored 24/7 by professional technicians.

With a security plan that includes these features, you’ll see and feel the difference in peace of mind and true protection. And all it takes is the layering of simple security habits.