How You Could Design Your Security Cameras Business Plan

One of the topics addressed too rarely when discussing the security cameras business benefits is how many options you really have for your security system and which ones might be best for you. As small business owners we can’t really worry about taking everything onto ourselves, but at the same time we have to know that we are in control and can really have a say in how any changes to the business go down. As you decide what feels right for you, well balanced and organized, remember that you can have it the way you want it and have the professional help you need to maintain that security. Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of security. Let’s simply discuss some of the pros and cons to the security plan you could choose to go with for your business.


Shoot and Save

Otherwise known as record and review. These systems are pretty straightforward; they’re the security cameras that simply run night and day, every day, ready for your use when you want them.

Pros: When you’ve installed a shoot and save system, you’ll have access to information you might need to handle situations of vandalism or loss of property. These systems are easy to use and often very easy to install.

Cons: Shoot and save security systems are ONLY good for the past. You can use them to find clues that will help you resolve the problems that might have come, but you CAN’T use them to prevent crime from happening.

Local Live Surveillance

Many large businesses pay to have security officers sit in a booth and monitor the live feed of cameras placed strategically around the building. While this presents the confidence boost that many people want to feel about their security, it does not always actually provide the gloriously successful security you might imagine.

Pros: Knowing that 24 hours a day you’re going to have eyes watching on the best cameras you can buy. Instead of just wasting hours of unseen footage, you’ll have someone who can watch and act immediately.

Cons: There is a study that tells us our security officers are actually not so hot when sitting for long stretches of time and watching unchanging surveillance feed. According to research, after only 20 minutes of watching the same feed the attention of the viewer will be suppressed by boredom. Paying someone to be bored 24 hours a day can lead to costly upkeep of a system that might not catch the crime as it occurs.

Professional Monitoring Remotely


The third option you have is to pay for security professionals to monitor the notifications received from your home when motion is detected.

Pros: This is one of the best ways to deal with the many false alarms that happen with security systems. Instead of having the uselessly repeated notifications that appear on your phone, you have someone to weed out the useless information and send along the information that is pertinent while taking action where necessary. With security systems like this, you won’t need to worry about handling a crisis because you’ll have someone watching your back.

Cons: If you don’t choose the right security company to help provide this service, you could feel you are being neglected and wasting money. It is important to choose your security professionals carefully.